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services that make hospitals easier to comply with regulations under obama care. this was a tough year for them. it was barred from being practicing if the state in two years, it's a hot space, buy a stock on pullback, but not this one. i would rather own athena health. last friday john in new jersey asked about just energy group, je. and i said i would get back to him. they sell natural gas and electricity. natural gas hovers around low levels. a big part of energy's business. so lack of demand is a concern. 12.5% yield, worry some. a serious red flag. just energy's cash, the cash flow, under pressure for higher market expenses, a dividend cut could happen. steer clear. just say no to just energy. now some tweets. let's start with a tweet from steven crawford, @smcbmt, i don't know. who says darden, dri, worthy of more homework for dividend portfolio or don't waste the time? they have to grow, they are not putting up numbers that would make me feel comfortable saying this is good dividend play. flip ncf, thanks for the tip, up 28%, you still liking the stock? a great company. and vacc
raytheon with the extension of obama and the defense sector. what's the play on the defense sector? >> cheap, cheap, cheap stock, even up here. i like raytheon. i like lockheed martin even better. these companies are made of teflon. even with military sequestration they do well. i like it, but not as much as united tech. don't give up on the dow. the dog days, they could be over at least versus the other indices. it may have lagged the averages in 2012 but i expect it to be a comeback year in 2013. be ready for a little washington instability and then -- >> all aboard! >> "mad money" will be right back. >> coming up, export economy? the u.s. has become one of the world's largest energy producers, but while natural gas production has increased, it's been largely ignored as a domestic fuel. but could exporting it help fill up your tank? cramer talks with cheniere energy's ceo next. and later, smooth operator? spam maker hormel foods put another consumer brand on its plate today after it forked over $74 million to buy skippy peanut butter. could this layer another level of success to
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2